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Iso-therm is an ultra thin solution for the improvement of damp and cold walls, that shield against mould, condensation and damp. 

We are frequently going into houses now with lack of or no insulation on the external walls. This is the main reason that mould will be forming, due to the warm internal air hitting the cold external wall. 

By applying iso therm wall insulation you are solving the cold wall issue with minimal disruption.

iso therm pic.jpg

Lower Thickness

ISO-THERM is an ultra-thin (+/-4 mm) specially woven polyester-based material, which is both unique and patented.

The overall finished depth after a direct plaster skim coat is approximately 10 mm.


Due to its ease of use and flexibility, it can be cut around light switches/sockets/radiator brackets and the like and is minimally invasive in its installation

Very often, door architraves and skirting's can remain in place, and because of it's malleability it fits around and into window reveals with ease.

Sustainability and Saving

Improves  the buildings energy performance ratio EPR.

This translates into significant savings on utilities. ISO-therm allows you to achieve longer lasting results. 

ISO-THERM is vapour permeable, but waterproof, thereby resisting any lateral damp transference, and stopping the subsequent natural surface nitrates and chlorides forming as an efflorescent salt. Because of its high thermal benefit, and the withholding of any natural damp transference, it is highly resistant to any formation of surface mould.

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